My first blogpost! Welcome to my favorite place in WoW! Part 1

Hey everyone!

It took some time for me to decide what my first blogpost was gonna be about, so finaly after discusing with my friend i finaly decided, that Nagrand is gonna be my first post.Nagrand.jpgWell this is a picture of the map of Nagrand its a place in Outland in the South West corner of the continent. Easiest way for you to travel here at lvl 65 walk over the border from Zangarmarsh and you’ll be greated by a friendly dwarf that everyone knows and love!

Ladies and Gentlement let me introduce you to worlds best huntsman!

Hemet Nesingwary!WoWScrnShot_070717_005535.jpgTo be able to join Hemets “Safari Crew” you gotta prove yourself for hunting Clefthoofs, Talbuk Stags and Windrocs, Well rest of the chain you gotta check out yourself!

While keep exploring this beautyful land of Nagrand you often find elementals roaming around well thats thanks to the Throne of Elements is located in Nagrand, Most shamans walk this path to gain thier elemental powers!WoWScrnShot_070717_010404.jpgOn this island you’ll find 4 elementals :

Aborius <Fury of Water>WoWScrnShot_070717_010541.jpgGordawg <Fury of Earth> also goes by the name G-dawg “i totaly gave him that name..fits him”Β WoWScrnShot_070717_010656.jpgIncineratus <Fury of Fire>WoWScrnShot_070717_010757.jpgKaladrios <Fury of Air>WoWScrnShot_070717_010907.jpgLets move on from Throne of the Elements…G-dawg dint like his nickname…next on the list!, a little further up you’ll find Laughing Skull Ruins:WoWScrnShot_070717_011125.jpgAnd in these Ruins you’ll find alot of angry Warmaul Orges!WoWScrnShot_070717_011249.jpgBut its not those orges you’re here for at lvl 65! its the RING OF BLOOOD!!!WoWScrnShot_070717_011422.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_011553.jpgThe ring of Blood is a PvE Battle Arena verus some strong bosses, back when tbc still was current content you needed 5 people with the right specs to be able to get thru these hard challenges! its owned by a little goblin called Gurgthock and his Troll-Servant Wodin! They set up fights between you and diffrent kind of humanoids, Elementals and Beasts! Lets get into the battles!

First Battle: Broken Toe!WoWScrnShot_070717_013540.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_013544.jpgSecond Battle: The Blue Brothers!WoWScrnShot_070717_013736.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_013739.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_013740.jpgThird Battle: Rokdar the Sundered Lord “he is an big one”WoWScrnShot_070717_013954.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_014000.jpgFourth Battle: Skra’gathWoWScrnShot_070717_014207.jpgFifth Battle: The Warmaul Champion! This battle is alittle random who you get, either its an orge or a red orc!WoWScrnShot_070717_014856.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_014901.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_014648.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_014658.jpgThe Final Challenge: Mogor <Hero of the Warmaul>WoWScrnShot_070717_015626.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_015634.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_015643.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_015651.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_015654.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_015659.jpgAnd thats it for The Gloryious ring of blood!

If you go straight south down from Ring of blood you’ll find Halaa its an good advantage point for both alliance and horde players so its constant fighting who owns it!WoWScrnShot_070717_021125.jpgTho…now in legion no one ever visits and it not in “use” anymore i looked around and tryd to see any npcs!WoWScrnShot_070717_020738.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_020901.jpgWoWScrnShot_070717_020906.jpgI looked around and thought i was alone…but then i found a gang of draenies!WoWScrnShot_070717_020803.jpgAldraan sells some swords and then some very special items!

Don Amancio’s Heart and two Talbuk’s, Reins of the Dark riding Talbuk and Reins of the Dark War Talbuk, Sadly i dont own them myself and i dont wish to take other ppls pictures so you have to google and find out!WoWScrnShot_070717_021856.jpgThen i found and Food & Drink vendor Cendrii. Sadly she did only sell Deep Fried Plantains “deep fried baananana”, Skethyl Berries, and Telaari grapes and some water…Tho lucky me she hid some fine Halaani whiskey in her bags that she gladly shared with me!WoWScrnShot_070717_020939.jpgthen after stumbeling abit away from Cendrii i found Banro who doesnt sell anything he just looked at me. but he looks like a tailorer, after a nice chat “staring contest” with Banro, i moved on, i meet two people in the house next to Banro.WoWScrnShot_070717_022553.jpgThe left man is called Chief Researcher Kartos he hands you a quest to go and get 10 Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Samples and you will trade those 10 for 1 Halaa Research Token “These tokens are traded for mounts and armor”.WoWScrnShot_070717_022621.jpgAnd then we got the man to the right Quartermaster Davian Vaclav, He gladly trades those Halaa Research Tokens that Kartos gave you to get some legs,belt,bag or an Gem.WoWScrnShot_070717_022634.jpgNow its time for me to leave Halaa and get going!


But here what i end part 1, hope you liked it!

9 thoughts on “My first blogpost! Welcome to my favorite place in WoW! Part 1

  1. Lovely to see you got started, Mr Suj πŸ™‚

    You sound as if you had a good time re-visiting Ring of Blood – you were probably one of the first Demon Hunters to ever set foot in in that ring!

    I never really payed attention to that…male bra, that Warmaul Champion is wearing.

    As for the Talbuks, if I remember corrently, I do believe, that doing certain Garrison missions actually reward you with the currency you need, to purchase them? If you want them πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing \o/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting πŸ™‚

      Yeah im probly the first DH to visit it who knows πŸ˜€

      That male bra is called mankini everyone got one ehm… atleast what i think:p,

      Ah ur right i check up on those tokens you get them from garrison aswell thx for reminding me!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hah, np πŸ™‚ Just a few of those missions and you should be set to buy them. One can never have enough Talbuks πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great exploration post, and welcome to the blogosphere! I had completely forgotten about some of the things in Nagrand, but reading about them now brings back a lot of memories ^^ Nagrand is one of my favourite zones as well, although it was a nightmare to quest in back in TBC due to the lack of flightpoints…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey and thanks for commenting and welcoming me! πŸ™‚ ye its alot of stuff to explore in nagrand im still working on part 2!
      Good that they bring back some memories, good to hear that you enjoy Nagrand aswell πŸ™‚

      I never found it a nightmare to quest atleast in nagrand everything was so open and just easy to go around but might be cause ive always played a tank so everything was kinda easy, But ye i totaly hear ya about those Flightpoints..worst place in tbc must be Blade’s Edge Mountains, it was a pain to get around if anything^^


      1. The throne of the elements was great! I remember a quest called “A rare bean” where you had to search Talbuk’s poop for some digested beans, glorious!

        Liked by 1 person

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