Hi everyone, I’m Suj.

Well about me, My name is Thim, And I am from a small place called Gotland, which resides in Sweden. I’ve been a WoW player since I was 12 years old and now at the age of 25, I’ve started my first blog ever, and why shouldn’t it be about WoW, as well as my sickness and recovery. For many years, I have suffered from cluster headaches, migraine, and headache 24/7, so most of my time is in a bed or by a computer, and WoW keeps me company.

I’ve had my ups and downs with this game, but I just can’t let it go. All the memories, all the friends I’ve met, all the adventures I’ve been on with my friends. Maybe one day one of you out there, who is reading this, is going to join me for an adventure. Who knows? 🙂

Well, about my character; I’m Suj, a Demon Hunter Vengeance (tank, for those who might not know) Until recently, I used to do Mythic raiding, but it all came to an end this summer, when my guild had trouble recruiting more people.
The guild actually started by coincidence, we were a group of Swedish friends from real life, who just came together and it grew – friends of friends joined, and we were a whole family. About 25 people within this party of friends, we became a family, we struck down any challenge Blizzard put in front of us, while laughing and just having fun.
But as always, good things must come to an end, the summer was right around the corner and some people just didn’t have time to play anymore. We couldn’t get members to join, because of our server being low pop and very dry on Scandinavia people only. So most of our members left the guild to die, while I stayed behind. Now a few of us hope to casual raid together in ToS.
Under this whole time, while hardcore raiding and farming pots and min-maxing everything about my character, I had meet a very dear friend of mine. It all started in an LFG, when I levelled an alt and she was levelling her character, we just randomly met and she said she liked my transmog and that it was fun to find an old wow player like herself.


She complimented me on the patience I showed the group, when I helped them control the dragons in Occulus, and after the dungeon was over, we all left, and she wrote to me and told me, if I ever wanted a healer for dungeons, she would gladly lend her assistance, and you know what? My alt is still low level, but I teamed up with her on my main instead, we got through dungeons and M+ and such, while she showed me everything else that existed in this game, that I’ve never really noticed.

Thanks to her, who whispered me after a dungeon, I’m still alive and playing till this day. This friend relighted my fire for the game and for life, as for a guy who lived in raids and M+ daily with my friends and his bed, on medication that’s so strong, it could knock a horse out.

I won’t lie, I’ve been through hell and back and I would say, that she pulled me out of it at least contributed a lot to my recovery from the depths. She showed me the beautiful side of wow, all the small things, so for that I thank her greatly, and thanks to her blog I’ve read now since she started, I wanted to give it a try.
That is my story right now and here is what I’m planning this blog for:


First, I want to show you the difference between a hardcore player’s mind and a casual / exploring player’s mind, more really like how I used to see the World of Warcraft and how I see it now.

Secondly, I want to post stuff that helps my recovery and just for fun to forget about the pain just for a moment really

Third, if you’ve read this far, go you and thanks for reading about me, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog. 🙂

Thim “Suj”