You can’t Solo that they said!

Hey everyone today my friend complained that Catherdral of Eternal Night was extreamly hard and just annoying to do so i asked him if i could try to solo his mythic 3+ CoeN key alone just to see if its possible to be done solo within the time limit he said:  “yeah sure go ahead buddy” and put in the key for me and then went offline.

So here we are, i had a fun “challange” infront of me and well this is how it went!WoWScrnShot_071217_095332.jpgI made it! my time: 31:31.693 on the clock and i had 35min on me so yes its possible to solo an CoeN!

If i used more potions and bigger pulls i would probly push the time down to an roughly 25min.

This challange was really fun to do and it relighted the m+ feeling for me, so ill probly keep on doing these solo challanges there and here cause gosh it was so much fun 😀

(Sadly my timer broke when i finished the run, tho thanks to the addon GottaGoFast: i could see my time anyway, and its says Armbar, Suj, cause well it was his key afterall but he logged after puting it in)


My Gear and Spec are: WoWScrnShot_071217_102104.jpg

And the meter looked like this:WoWScrnShot_071217_102211.jpg

Well this was extreamly fun to do and ill be sure to do more and push higher m+ alone to see where my so called “Wall” is.

Sadly while doing this i couldnt take any pictures while focusing on everything else, next time i do an solo m+ ill take some pictures while i can, and make it abit more intresting to read, still i hope you enjoyed my little challenge 🙂

4 thoughts on “You can’t Solo that they said!

  1. You know I admire your skills in the game, so much – and now even more; if anyone can solo these things, it’s you.
    Go Mr. Suj 🙂

    That healing done…O.o I’m sorry, were you on your Demon Hunter or a healing class? :p

    Congratulations 🙂

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    1. Well thanks for commenting and thank you for the praise 🙂

      haha ye the healing done is prty insane, a dh tank is all based around leech so more damage i do the more healing coming back to me. 🙂

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  2. That is impressive, i could not solo mythic HoV on my hunter to get Fenryr as a pet, ilvl 907 but i think what i lack is talent and caring about improving myself 😀

    Always impressive to see someone solo current content, congrats.

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  3. Why thank you! 🙂

    I just wanted to try and see if i could do it and wollah i could, my goal is tho completing a 9 within time limit ^^.

    Haha Well a Hunter aint a Demon Hunter you know :P, all joking aside, you should try to solo stuff aswell its fun, tho i think it might be hard for a hunter, tho might be fun to try to find small stuff and complete it your way.

    Tho i gotta say its hard for none tank classes to do solo content, as tanks we got so much toughness + selfheal so we cant die.

    If you wanna see more of ppl doing solo stuff i recommend Mionelol on youtube, its an insane VDH who soloed Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly and such! its awesome to just get lost in his videos, he is also one of the reason i wanna try to beat a 9 within time limit.

    And thanks for commenting and finding my little blog 😀

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